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DiscographyYaara Tal & Andreas GroethuysenPiano-Duo Yaara Tal & Andreas GroethuysenPiano-Duo Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen

J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations

J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations Duo Tal & Groethuysen
Version for 2 pianos by

Release: November 13, 2009
Label: Sony Classical

Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variations BWV 988 (Goldberg-Variationen) (1741)
Version for two pianos by Josef Rheinberger (1883)
revised by Max Reger

(Tempo markings by Rheinberger)

1 Aria Andante espressivo 4:46
2 Var. I Più animato 1:46
3 Var. I I Allegretto 1:28
4 Var. I II Canone all' unisono. Andantino 1:55
5 Var. I V Energico 0:58
6 Var. V Con fuoco 1:18
7 Var. VI Canone alla seconda. Allegro 0:57
8 Var. VII Allegretto scherzando 1:52
9 Var. VIII Allegro 1:41
10 Var. I X Canone alla terza. Moderato 1:41
11 Var. X Fughetta Alla breve 1:35
12 Var. XI Allegro 1:40
13 Var. XII Canone alla quarta. Andante 2:35
14 Var. XIII Adagio 6:15
15 Var. XIV Con fuoco 1:46
16 Var. XV Canone alla quinta. Adagio 4:20
17 Var. XVI Ouverture Maestoso-Allegro 2:46
18 Var. XVII Poco allegro 1:39
19 Var. XVIII Canone alla sesta. Alla breve 1:17
20 Var. XIX Allegretto 1:16
21 Var. XX Allegro marcato 1:46
22 Var. XXI Canone alla settima 2:31
23 Var. XXII Alla breve 1:19
24 Var. XXIII Allegro 1:57
25 Var. XXIV Canone all' ottava. Andantino 2:46
26 Var. XXV Adagio espressivo 9:37
27 Var. XXVI Allegro deciso 2:01
28 Var. XXVII Canone alla nona. Allegro 1:35
29 Var. XXVIII Allegretto 2:05
30 Var. XXIX Allegro 2:01
31 Var. XXX Quodlibet 1:54
32 Aria Andante espressivo 2:47

Total playing time: 76:06
Recording date: 6.-8. April 2009
Recorded at: Erholungshaus der BAYER AG, Leverkusen
Sound Engineer: Stephan Schellmann, Tritonus


"Tal and Groethuysen offer in this recording a probe into the world of Bach, but with a modern voice of unprecedented elegance and novelty."

“Arrangements of Bach's supreme keyboard work seem to proliferate for no worthwhile reason. But this particular reworking has more claim to attention than most, for it shows the Goldberg Variations filtered through the sensibility of two very different late romantic composers.”

(The Guardian, 1st April 2010 *** “)

”[Rheinberger's arrangement] is so inventive and is played here with such infectious vitality that it is a thrilling experience...Tal and Groethuysen play with masterful understanding, taut rhythmic control and impeccable ensemble...The result is wonderfully alive, involving and ultimately very moving.”

(BBC Music Magazine, June 2010 ***** “)

”Tal and Groethuysen are uncannily sensitive to each other's thoughts and phrasing, subsuming their careful preparation of the score into refined pianism of palpable delight, spontaneity and extraordinary precision...This is two-piano playing of an exalted standard that few other partnerships today come anywhere near.”

(Gramophone Magazine, October 2010)