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DiscographyYaara Tal & Andreas GroethuysenPiano-Duo Yaara Tal & Andreas GroethuysenPiano-Duo Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen

18 Studies on the “The Art of Fugue”
by Reinhard Febel

18 Studies for Two Pianos based on J. S. Bach’s “The Art of Fugue”

World premiere recording

CD 1

1 Study 1 Nicht zu langsam (Contrapunctus 1) 5:35
2 Study 2 Sehr schnell (Contrapunctus 2) 2:25
3 Study 3 Leicht schwebend, nicht zu langsam (Contrapunctus 3) 4:00
4 Study 4 Nicht zu langsam (Contrapunctus 4) 3:34
5 Study 5 Langsam (Contrapunctus 5) 4:25
6 Study 6 Langsam (Contrapunctus 6 per Diminutionem in Stylo Francese) 7:04
7 Study 7 Nicht zu schnell (Contrapunctus 7 per Augmentationem et Diminutionem) 3:15
8 Study 8 Nicht zu langsam (Contrapunctus 8) 5:29
9 Study 9 Sehr schnell (Contrapunctus 9 alla Duodecima) 2:28
10 Study 10 Schnell (Contrapunctus 10 alla Decima) 4:41
11 Study 11 Prestissimo possibile (Contrapunctus 11) 3:14

Total playing time: 46:16

CD 2

1 Study 12 Langsam (Contrapunctus 12 Rectus+Inversus) 4:16
2 Study 12a Nicht zu langsam (Contrapunctus 12 Rectus+Inversus) 2:53
3 Study 13 Prestissimo possibile (Contrapunctus 13 Rectus+Inversus) 2:01
4 Study 13a Schnell (Contrapunctus 13 Rectus+Inversus) 2:06
5 Study 14 Nicht zu langsam (Canon in Hypodiatesseron per Augmentationem in Contrario Motu) 8:53
6 Study 15 Schnell (Canon in Hypodiapason - Canon alla Ottava) 3:41
7 Study 16 Nicht zu schnell (Canon alla Decima. Contrapunto alla Terza) 5:16
8 Study 17 Presto feroce (Canon alla Duodecima in Contrapunto alla Quinta) 2:41
9 Study 18 Maestoso, ma molto calmo (Fuga a 3 (4) Soggetti) 15:11

Total playing time: 47:04
Recording date: August 24–27, 2019 & September 1–3, 2019
Recorded at: Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal, Cologne, Germany
Executive Producers: Michael Breugst, Michael Brüggemann (Sony Music)
Recording Producer: Stephan Hahn
Sound Engineer: Dirk Franken


LA JORNADA 30.01.2021

Eine fantastische Besprechung auf Spanisch: "Beim Musikhören gibt es Geheimgänge, versteckte Türen, indiskrete Fenster, unsichtbare Gerüste, Labyrinthe, Whirlpools, Ecken und Winkel, durch die mehr Licht eindringt, als wir uns vorstellen. Der deutsche Komponist Reinhard Febel (1952) hat den magischen Schlüssel, um all diese Türen zu öffnen, Gerüste zu besteigen, Fenster zu öffnen, Labyrinthe zu lösen, Wirbel zurückzuverfolgen, in Vertiefungen zu nisten und durch Spalten zu atmen.“

T&G was awarded the Critic’s Choice in the category Keyboard music for their CD with Febel’s Studies on The art of Fugue:

„Yaara Tal and Andreas Groethuysen, who commissioned these eighteen studies, play them with breathtaking clarity and conciseness. The most intricate rhythms take on natural ease, the elaboration of themes and secondary voices, the most refined dynamic gradations, and, last but not least, an extremely changeable piano sound that makes this recording a breathtaking experience". For the jury: Gregor Willmes

"The overall effect is one of systematic exploration of the potentialities of the original material in a modern context, something that, it turns out, is in the Bachian spirit."


Yaara Tal e Andreas Groethuysen sono abbastanza comunemente considerati uno dei duo più quotati se non il più quotato al mondo. Il loro livello è testimoniato - per nostra fortuna - da una serie di registrazioni esclusive con Sony che ad ogni tappa supera il segno che si pensava fosse stato stabilito prima."